B. Kosuge, 2012 Pinot Noir, Hirsch Vineyard, Sonoma Coast

B. Kosuge

$ 54.00

There is plenty of stuffing in the 2012 Hirsch. As I chose the barrels to use in this bottling, I discovered that the best ones were not the new barrels but the second and third use barrels. More fruit delineation and purity, but because the barrels were not completely neutral, still some oak impact to add a little seasoning and fill out the midpalate. Like always, there are dark fruits, a little spice that always reminds me of the bay laurel and pine trees that are common out on the ridgetops near Hirsch. In this wine there is also a hint of something more racy, more like freshly cut fruit. I think it will happily age for several years, but if you open it soon, be sure to give it a little bit of air.

- Byron Kosuge

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