Il Colle Prosecco Brut

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$ 19.99

Alcohol: 11%

The Prosecco Brut is made from Glera grapes from the Conegliano hills. This excellent bubbly offers a straw-yellow color with a tantalizing perlage, a characteristic nose backed by a pleasant fruitiness. Dry and elegant on the mouth, it is a perfect aperitif but also pairs excellently with food. On the large scale of Italy‟s most famous sparkling wine, this is a very small production of Prosecco (200,000 bottles). The “Il Colle” estate sits at the base of the Alps in the middle of the new Conegliano-Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. for Prosecco production in the Veneto. Meaning, „the hills‟ in Italian, this winery takes its name from its prime location at the top of the hill separating the two communes of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. A family owned winery, and one of the top quality producers in the region, they have recently expanded their facilities and production to match the determination and dedication the Ceschin family has had for over 30 years. Il Colle far surpasses all expectation of pristine and hand-crafted Prosecco, and has been given the top quality certification by I.S.O., the international body that sets quality control methodologies and certifications. The Veneto in Northeast Italy is famous for beautiful landscape, fantastic culture, and exquisite styles of wine. The land of prosecco, Italy‟s most famous sparkling wine, as well as the land of one of the biggest, richest red wines known to the world, Amarone, the Veneto has no shortage of phenomenal wine regions. In fact, Veneto boasts the most DOC classifications in all of Italy, and most definitely lives up to its wonderful fine wine producing reputation. We are proud to have the best representations of the wine regions and styles that Veneto does best.

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